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About UGBC

The Ukrainian Green Building Council is a non-profit and non-government organisation that serves as a catalyst for driving the adoption of green building practices and technologies across Ukraine. 

As an integral part of a global action network committed to accelerate sustainability in the built environment, the Ukrainian Green Building Council (UGBC), through the active support and cooperation of the German sustainable building council (DGNB) is already a member of the World Green Building Council (WGBC) network.

Founded on the principles of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation, UGBC serves as a vibrant platform for cooperation, expertise exchange and innovation for architects, engineers, developers, contractors, manufacturers of building materials, NGOs, policymakers, academia, energy companies, leading national and transnational companies, sustainability enthusiasts and stakeholders across the built environment spectrum.  

Our Goals

The council aims to...


Provide a source of leadership for sustainability and quality in the architectural environment.


Promoting and helping to provide reliable indicators to measure progress towards the ultimate goal of sustainable development.


Provide information and resource support for companies that are transitioning to more sustainable practices.


To be a participant in the policy coordination of organizations that seek to achieve sustainability in the anthropogenic environment.

We are working on

Developing a scalable, future-proof and EU-compliant methodology for the assessment of any construction activity and, on this basis, creating a platform for the exchange of know-how for construction industry professionals in Ukraine.

Applying the principles of sustainable development in practice while contributing to the preservation and recovery of our country by preserving and enhancing our professional and cultural heritage. In the face of global challenges such as climate change, in which construction plays an important role, the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and all related changes in the technological paradigm, we want to contribute to the creation of a sustainable, safe and prosperous future for Ukraine. These efforts will serve as an example of recovery and responsibility for the whole world. Our goals include promoting the widespread adoption of green building practices, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders, and actively contributing to global sustainability initiatives.

To achieve our goals, we are committed to integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into our initiatives to ensure that our efforts contribute not only to environmental sustainability, but also to social responsibility and strong governance practices. In this context, we are working with the DGNB and its partners in the Climate Positive Europe Alliance (CPEA) to develop ESG assessment methods for the real estate industry to verify the conformity of real estate investments/buildings with the EU taxonomy criteria.

Our activities

The Ukrainian Green Building Council is committed to transforming the industry toward greener practices through policy development, training, and providing tools to measure and accelerate progress.

Upcoming & Past Events

April 2024
Apr 18
18 April 2024

As Ukraine has marked the 2nd anniversary of fighting an unprovoked invasion, the importance of its green and circular reconstruction is growing. And not only for Ukraine itself, as the […]

March 2024
Mar 18
18 March 2024

Webinar held by European Comission, find all informations and link to sign up here:

December 2023
Dec 14
14 December 2023

On December 14, 2023, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) for Munich and Upper Bavaria hosted the Ukraine Forum, an event aimed at fostering collaboration between the German business community and Ukraine's […]

November 2023
Nov 27
27 November 2023

In Vilnius, the #Ukraine #Green #Recovery Conference took place. It was organized by European Commission. It was a powerful conference, very expert, deep, and with the participation of many high-ranking […]

Why become a member

UGBC welcomes support and collaboration from individuals and organisations who share our vision and values. Specifically, we are seeking assistance in expanding our network, implementing innovative sustainable projects, and gaining insights into the latest advancements in green building technologies. Your expertise and involvement can significantly contribute to our mission.

Becoming a member has the following advantages for you:

Marketing positioning of your company through tangible contributions to Ukraine’s sustainable development via green initiatives in construction, preparing your company for post-war green reconstruction and European integration.

“Green” certification confirming your projects’ compliance with international standards, with discounts on certification. This simplifies the certification process, making it more accessible and beneficial for our members.

Enhance your team’s skills with internationally recognized training programs, seminars, and workshops on the effective implementation of green practices, with discounts for our members.

As a member you gain access to a network of experts and resources focused on ESG principles and criteria in the built environment. This includes access to educational materials, best practices and industry insights to help you enhance your organisation´s ESG performance.

We will help integrate green building technologies into your business processes, prepare for the green reconstruction of Ukraine, compete with international players, and create your own center of expertise within your company for continuous development and leadership.

Gain exclusive access to modern practices and technologies in the field of green building.

Develop your business and professional skills by becoming part of a global network of like-minded individuals companies.

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